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Mapping Options with Angular 5

Just did a quick search on Angular components for either Google Maps or OpenStreetMap. For Google Maps the choice du jour seems to be Angular Google Maps (Git repo). A neat little blog post on how to get started is here.When targeting OpenStr…

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Security with KeyCloak and Google Services on Android

The KeyCloak project is a phenomenal resource for authentication and authorization services for almost any application. The default use case for it involves using OAuth redirects to send a client to a web page hosted by KeyCloak or a trusted Identity Provider, perform a log in, and the exchange tokens on the client application. This …

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AeroGear Unified Push and OpenShift Origin

Introduction For people who are making mobile applications, managing the various server components and technologies is a challenge. This post will demonstrate how to use OpenShift Origin to host an instance of Aerogear Unified Push Server and then start development on an Android application on your development machine. AeroGear Unified Push Server is a project …

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There Is No Such Thing As A Short Term Hack

One day during a review of some changes, a new user interaction was introduced that was basically making use of a toggle in the place of a checkbox. This gave rise to the desire to make other parts of the system have one user control for this behavior….

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Integrating Stack Exchange and JIRA

Introduction We are working to get the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP for brevity) Open-Sourced as FeedHenry and have discussed the usual array of community support options : mailing-lists, IRC, GitHub, JIRA, etc. However, the community is already using Stack Overflow to ask questions and get help from one another. This leads to a …

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JRebel and WildFly Swarm in NetBeans

I’m not a great company man; I use NetBeans instead of RedHat’s JBDS. However, I am at least a GOOD company man because I am using WildFly Swarm instead of Sprint Boot. I also use JRebel because I don’t like wasting my time waiting on my projects to build. The combination of the three, however, …

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Implementing Chip-8

It has been a hobby of mine to create a video game console, but we live in a world where anyone can buy a $35 Raspberry Pi and install every 8, 16, and 32 bit game on it. So I have focused more on how consoles and software work and are made than actually making …

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Undertow Websocket Client in Java SE

Undertow is a web server written in Java by JBoss. It uses a very modular architecture which allows the developer to pick and choose features they need so it fits anywhere from a Java EE web-server (Wildfly) to being embedded in a JavaSE application (the topic of this blog). Actually, this post isn’t about a …

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Reporting Gradle Builds using WebSockets

If you have a build server you might want to receive reporting from your build. Many build bots offer this kind of reporting, but I decided to implement it myself in a standard Gradle build script. I override the default logger and replace it with one that writes all of the logging to a web …

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AeroGear Android 3.0

So it has been a while, but AeroGear Android 3.0 is out. As fitting a major number release we have a few breaking changes, lots of bug fixes, and a few new features. The full changelist can be viewed on our JIRA page Changes Breaking Changes Java 6 is deprecated MessageHandler has lost the onDelete …

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AJUG Meetup
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