April 2009

Google AppEngine recently announced support for Java – the Groovy folks were in on the secret and released a new version of Groovy to work on GAE/J. Groovy works within the confines of the GAE/J runtime which has limitations defined by the AppEngine cloud API. Currently, you can deploy Groovlets to GAE/J, while we wait for full Grails support. Other dynamic languages that run on the VM, such as JRuby, are also running on GAE/J.
This week, we’re delighted to have Vincent Stoessel (http://www.linkedin.com/in/vincentstoessel) show us the ropes for developing and deploying a Groovy webapp to GAE/J. With any additional time, we’ll open it up to the group to demo any cool Groovy code. Here’s the 411:

Who: Vincent Stoessel
What: Google AppEngine and Groovy
When: Wednesday April 29, 2009 – 6:30PM
Where: Matrix Resources, 115 Perimeter Center Place NE, Suite 250, Atlanta, GA

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