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RE: [ajug-members]: NetBeans and JavaApplets

Sorry, I think they were in the earlier posts:

test.java [11:1] cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : class JApplet 
location: class test
public class test extends JApplet {
test.java [17:1] cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : class Graphics 
location: class test
    public void paint( Graphics g )
test.java [20:1] cannot resolve symbol
symbol  : variable super 
location: class test
        super.paint( g );
3 errors
Errors compiling test.

I think a previous poster might be correct that -->

Also, just me, but wherever you got your code from, I would not use paint,
with JApplet, as this is AWT code as opposed to swing code(but it will work,
just a matter of being
consistent) and use paintComponent,

1. I would change paint = paintComponent

and your problem seems to be with NetBeans not with the actual code, and I
would just use a *.html page and add the APPLET syntax and launch the html
page from a html viewer or appletviewer or MS windows, jview.

Any ideas?

For the record, the code came from a Dietel & Dietel Book on JAVA.


Cody Wehunt
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My  as always. 

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Cody Wehunt said:
> When I do that it fails at the following points (Fails!!):

Cody, with what error message?