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Re: [ajug-members]: GUI prototyping

Sean Durity said:
> FYI - the difficulties of Swing and layout managers (and the lack of
> tools like your request) are why we switched to .Net and WinForms...


What's your experience been?  How difficult of a transition to WinForms,
etc. from Java?

I was initially considering .Net and C# but cost was an issue.  Then I
recently ran across #Develop (http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/)
which looks like it might provide a full featured development environ. at
the right price :).

My concern is the cost from a learning standpoint.  It's a small team that
consists of fairly knowledgeable Java folks.  I could probably stomach a
month ramp up on .Net and C# but much beyond that and we're toast.

Thanks for your input.