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JAVA and NetBeans

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Thanks, I have downloaded NetBeans.  I am used to using VB and Delphi as well as others, and this editor seems to be a little different.
If you place a label onto a form, why does it take-up the entire form, and can you make the label a certain size?  I did not see anything in the properties to indicate that this was possible.  I am used to just placing the label etc. on the form where I want it and resizing it etc.
Any ideas?
Some more questions if anyone has time to answer them:
Are the following steps correct?
1) I created a New Java Package
2) I am placing all the forms etc for my application in this package.
I am assuming that a package is like a project, and that any forms etc that are placed in this package can be called by other objects also in the package.
I am wanting to create a simple app with splash screen to start with Java and NetBeans.  Once I create a splash form and a main app form, what file do I need to create to define the flow of the application?  In delphi a file is automatically created that initializes the app, and allows other forms etc to be called from there.
And until I can get to the local book store tomorrow, is there a function similar to wait(30) that will cause the app to wait 30 seconds, before closing the current form and opening the main application window?
Also, anyone that can lists so really good web resources for java classes that would be appreciated.  So far google has returned a great deal for me to sift through, and your opinions would be appreciated.
Cody Wehunt
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My as always. 

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NetBeans is one of the best IDEs I've ever seen. It has everything I'd ever wanted over the years in a source editor. I could not have done a better job designing the features and the interface is great. And like David said, the price is definitely right :)

Steven Caswell

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I use Netbeans and move the code between both Windows, Linux. and embedded systems.  I have built classes on both Windows and Linux and move the classes to the opposite machine' operating  systems  easily with no changes. Netbeans runs and looks the same on both  machines. Besides, Netbeans is open source.

David  Black

Cody Wehunt wrote:
I am new to JAVA, and I have the need to write a cross-platform (win/linux) GUI client/server application.  I plan on using Borland JBuilder. 
Can anyone make any suggestions?
Also, during my research, I have found that JAVA cannot get a list of all IPs/MAC addresses on the subnet without using an external script, is this true?

Cody Wehunt
770-402-9189 Cell
770-226-5938 Work
My as always.