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Re: [ajug-members]: GUI prototyping

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 10:29:55 +0000
David Black <DavidBlack@Cobol-Conversions.com> wrote:

> John;
> I use Netbeans also. What do you mean making making prototying easier? 
>  Making the drawing easier or adding addition source code for database 
> processing and things like that?
> David Black


I mean rapid prototyping for GUI screens without a lot of overhead or attention to underlying implementation.  The ability to layout screens without worrying about the layout manager and other java-centric concerns.

If you've ever used Qt Designer, you'll know what I mean.  You can place elements where you want and without any implementation specific thought...you could easily allow someone with no C++ experience to use the Qt Designer and layout screens.

NetBeans and other Swing forms designers I've seen approach this, but I can't really hand NetBeans to a non-java person (say a UI designer?) and expect them to be able to draw screens.  They'll be bitten by a layout mgr problem almost immediately.

Thanks for the input!