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Architecture / Design help needed

Hello all,

I currently work for the Senate Budget Office in our great
state's legislature and am responsible for the development
of a budget development system. I was able to put together
a system that made it through session with high praise from
all of my end-users but as with all things, they want more.

Although the system was a success I am not entirely pleased
with the end product behind-the-scenes.

My request is this, Would anyone with java/j2ee design and
architecture experience be interested in some pro-bono
work? My boss has been reluctant to give any sort of
contract budget but I still feel the pressure to get these
"high-end" features developed. At most, I could promise you
a couple good lunches at Mick's @ Underground, some good
political discussions, an appreciative understudy and the
chance to make a difference in the 16 and 1/4 billion
dollar budget for the state.

If anyone has any interest or knows anyone that might,
after they get through laughing, please feel free to
contact me at work.

(404) 463-1973

I would anticipate that we would need to spend a couple of
days, maybe three, total to walk through everything. Also,
I currently run Jboss on Linux with a mysql backend.

Thanks a ton.

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