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Re: [ajug-members]: J2EE plugins for Eclipse

Hey Rob, Like Blaine said, MyEclipse IDE is good.  My company has had good luck with it.  It does cost somewhere around $30 for a year subscription, but well worth it.  The other bonus is that they just released their version for Eclipse M8, which is the nicest eclipse thus far.

The only other thing I would add, if you are doing any struts work, is the struts-console:  http://www.jamesholmes.com/struts/console/

- Dave

On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 22:07, Rob Rutherford wrote:

Currently I'm using Eclipse and I'm looking to do a little J2EE
development in my spare time just to keep my skills tuned up.

Does anybody have any suggestions for a J2EE plugin to use?  
There's lomboz and the one from JBoss.  Could somebody highlight the
respective advantages and disadvantages?

David Fitzhenry <dnfitz@bellsouth.net>