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RE: [ajug-members]: anyone know a good was/ldap tutorial or book?

You need a good reference for the Java Naming and Directory Interface
(JNDI), which is the standardized program interface to directory
services such as LDAP.

Unfortunately, I haven't read any books specifically about JNDI, but
most J2EE development guides pay homage to the technology.  I recommend
"Expert One on One J2EE Development," by Rod Johnson (Wrox).  If you're
interested in understanding LDAP in general on a more technical level,
check out "LDAP Directories Explained," by Brian Arkills
(Addison-Wesley).  And, of course, you can find documentation in the
Javadocs for the J2EE class libraries at Sun's site, which will include
the classes and interfaces for JNDI.

I think if you focus on JNDI, you'll find that your key learnings there
will readily apply to WebSphere App Server, and most other popular J2EE
web containers, such as Tomcat, BEA, and Oracle Internet App Server.
You may have a hard time finding a book specifically about accessing
LDAP from WAS.

Hope this helps.


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i've never used a ldap store before and I need a good reference
for WAS 5.



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