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RE: project managmement/incident tracking software suggestions?


I have just been looking for exactly the same thing. I also would prefer
something I can customize and maybe contribute to, so therefore preferably
Java based. I know Bugzilla might have the 'as used by NASA' wow factor, but
was too far of my requirements, so I've decided to try ITracker. It's J2EE
based, Open Source and very importantly, under active development/release.


hth... Angus

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Subject: OT: project managmement/incident tracking software suggestions?


I just took over a very chaotic team and am looking for some software that
will help focus our development and incident management processes.

What software are you using for this role?  I've looked at a number of
open source packages but haven't found the right one yet.  I'd prefer open
source, as our budget is really low, but if I find the right OTS product
I'll fight for it.

Thanks for your insight!