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RE: JSP plugin for eclipse.

I agree with Allan

At 08:34 PM 10/22/2003 -0400, Allan Marks wrote:
>I've enjoyed working with MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench for J2EE projects.
>It's not really a plugin, per se, but rather has an install routine that
>loads the product which interfaces with Eclipse.
>They've taken the best of the various J2EE plugins out there and integrated
>them into a seamless package.  There *is* a charge for the product - approx.
>$30 per year, which includes support - but given all the time I've spent
>trying to find, install and work through the issues with other open source
>plugins, my feeling is that MyEclipse is well worth the price.
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>From: Poorav Chaudhari [mailto:pooravc@yahoo.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 2:50 PM
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>Subject: JSP plugin for eclipse.
>Hi, I am wondering what is the JSP plugin all you  eclipse users are using.
>am using solar eclipse, but it doesn't do much except for highlighting the
>code. it doesn't help formatting the code. has anybody used anything better?
>- Poorav
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