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Re: Need Reference for writing an effective user interface in swing

I hired someone then I looked at their code to get a good idea
of some great ways to implement SWING.  I've tried a few books but
have not been too happy with the,

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 01:41:45PM -0400, Lee Chalupa wrote:
> I never get an oppportunity to say thank you to the people that respond to 
> this mailing list because I want to avoid another post. So here it is: 
> Thank you!
> This mailing list is the best resource that our AJUG group provides in my 
> opinion.  Sites such as JavaRanch.com do not come close to the quality and 
> responsiveness that this  group provides (IMO).
> Today I'm looking for a book to help me write an effective user interface 
> for my swing application.
> I have no other references on this topic and I need to get from novice 
> status ( I know the tool) to expert status (I've used to tools correctly).
> Any ideas?
> Thanks again.
> lee
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