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Re: JMS newbie question

Look at some of the responses below:
--- Chinmay Nagarkar <pop3forchinmay@yahoo.com> wrote:
> We are planning to incorporate JMS into a servlet based application.
> Currently, this application is performing some heavy duty document
> processing for around 200 users. JMS will help streamline the
> workflow for the application. The workflow will be a jumble of
> threads that keep track of work-items and participants in the
> workflow.
> A number of questions have come up:
> 1. Are there efficiency issues with using many short lived PTP
> connections? Is it a better idea to use a Publish/Subscribe model
> instead with publishers/subscribers joining and leaving instead of
> sessions starting and ending with high frequency (Both will fit into
> our requirements).
[Rajan Gupta] If u need to have short-lived connections think of using
temporary Queues.
> 2. Is JMS threadsafe? Are there any known issues with architectures
> that involve subscribers, listerners and publishers (assuming we
> don't use PTP) being in seperate threads?
[Rajan Gupta] Only Connection & ConnectionFactory objects are thread
safe, while Session & Receiver objects are not. U might want to
consider use of pools for sessions & receivers
> 3. Is the JMS provider bundled with sun's J2EE package the best
> choice?
> 4. I read on the sun website that the J2EE 1.3 spec disallows Web
> components (servlets and jsps?) from consuming messages
> asynchronously. Does that mean that other objects in a user's HTTP
> session can consume messages asynchronously?
[Rajan Gupta] That would be correct. I am not sure what u are trying to
do here. More details would be required
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> Thanks,
> Chinmay
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