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RE: IDE on Linux

Well, I am trying Eclipse 2.1, the GTK version on Linux.

Here is some background.  I already have a package/directory structure set up.  In the middle of this are some of my packages.  Up to this point I have been using a standard text editor -- nedit -- and then compiling from the command-line.  My package/directory looks something like this.


I have unzipped Eclipse and tried to set up a project. 

Where do I need to tell eclipse to put the project?  I have tried putting it just inside the JavaProjects directory and in the myPackage directory.  When I do the previous, it wants to compile the entire directory structure every time I build.  When I do the latter, it does not seem to build at all, in that I can make an obvious error, save, and use Project->Rebuild Project and nothing happens.  Also with the latter, on the code completion, it only works on standard Java classes, and not with mine.

So, with the latter what do I need to do to make it build correctly and show my classes?  I have tried to also alter the build path but when I add the myPackage folder to the build path using the RightClick on project name->properties I get the following error on my classes.
Kind Status Priority Description Resource In Folder Location
Error The declared package does not match the expected package CachingObject.java myPackage line 1

It also gives an 'import cannot be resolved' error on any classes I try to import into my code.