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Axis users -- complex types

If anyone here is using Axis to connect to web services, I have a question
about how to setup custom bean classes for use with BeanDeserializers.  I
have posted on the axis-users mail list but I'm not getting much info.

Want to write a client to connect to an existing web service
(http://ws2.serviceobjects.net/fw/FastWeather.asmx?WSDL).  The service
passes back a complex object.  I have no idea how to program the client to
handle returned complex objects.  I'm trying to use the
BeanSerializer/Deserializer factories, but I get a SAXException error. 

If someone would be kind enough to look over the client code and provide
some assistance to what I'm doing wrong, I'd really appreciate it.

The client class and complex-type bean classes, server response & SAX error
are here: