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Re: IDE on Linux

Cynthia Jeness said:
> But why bother?  Fundamentaly, I
> do not like tools which try to impose their own structure on how I
> program.

Then, don't?   I mean, it's free after all.  No one's forcing you to use

> I rejected it.  To me "special effort" meant more than an hour.

Took me approx. 3 minutes...after I'd downloaded the gtk package.

> I asked them to determine how to set up a
> particular directory structure,

Admittedly, this can be confusing, and it's a knock against Eclipse in
my book.

> integrate with Ant and CVS

Simple, and very well supported.  In fact, Eclipse may have the best CVS
support I've seen.

> My Google  searches only turned up negative things about Eclipse and
> RedHat 8.0.

Again, installed in under 3 minutes...if you'd like me to help you out
with an install I'd be happy to.  This was the gtk version, however.
You might want to try that.  Btw, did you have open motif installed when
you tried to install the old version?