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RE: The business case for using a linux client versus a windowsclient

Good points below:
On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 16:50, Mike Millson wrote:
> 1) Working w/ a Linux Client builds your skills for interacting w/ the
> server environment where your Java application will be deployed. I have
> never worked on a Java project where the application was deployed on NT (for
> good reason, I would add). Working on a Linux box builds your skills to be
> able to interface w/ the server where the application will be deployed.
> 2) Linux comes w/ sftp, ssh, dig, etc. All these tools are VERY useful
> during development and do not come standard w/ Windows  as far as I know.
Add CVS (source code control) to the list, though I think you can get it
free for Windows, too.
> 3) The obvious: Windows is more expensive per client due to hardware and
> software fees, despite the number of surveys that M$ commissions trying to
> prove the opposite.
> 4) I think it makes business sense shun companies that break the law such as
> Enron, Worldcom, and convicted monopolists like M$. If they cannot respect
> the law, they certainly are not going to respect their customers.

Tough to avoid WorldCom/UUNet in Atlanta. They are the internet backbone
for the whole metro area. So whoever you use, you eventually end up on
their network. Also means that the shady ISP marketeers who want to get
your business away from UUNet aren't telling you all the truth. If
WorldCom fails, they (and you) are still in trouble.

Sean R. Durity <sdurity@cornercap.com>