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RE: Intstructor Led Training

The following are Sun's instructor led courses for the Sun Certified
Programmer track. 

Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language (SL-110)
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming (WP-1203-90) 
Java Programming Language (SL-275) 
Migrating to OO Programming with Java Technology (SL-210) 
Java Technology for Structured Programmers (SL-265) 
Java Programming Language for Visual Basic Programmers (SL-255)

It's interesting that the new Programmer Certification exam (available
in August) for JDK1.4 does not cover I/O or AWT.

All of this can be found at:

Hope this helps...

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend an instructor led course that is geared towards
becoming Java Certified?

Thanks in Advance...