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Re: File sharing in a cluster environment.

I had a similar problem before. The clustered app servers need to read from a text file. I could simply make the file available on all boxes. However, that could cause synchornization problems since the file would be updated by users. Also, you have to make sure the paths to the file on each box are the same. We put the file behind the web server instead and the applications access it via a URL. Since it is a small file, we have no performance issue here.
The key is to make a single entry to the file. URL is just a workaround. Shared file system would be good. Sun provides a global file system, which is a better solution. I am not aware of any utilities that can sync files on the network.
Why database is a problem? Do the servers access their local db instead of a global one?
Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 2:04 AM
Subject: File sharing in a cluster environment.

Hi all,

 When I am using a app server cluster to run in load balancing mode, how to make sure that files in the file system are synchornised? Also the how to take care of data base replication.

I have an application which uses file system and database. Like when I create a resource in this application, its going to place it in file system as well as id in the database.

When I deploy this application on web logic cluster with two servers, how to make sure that what ever resource I create on one server, can be accessed from the other server?. This needs file system replication. We may not used shared file system.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.



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