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Re: Adding jars in shared hosting environment


You should be able to put these in the "lib" subdirectory under WEB-INF for
your web application.  This works for me.


Mike Millson wrote:

> I am able to run servlets on the server space that I rent from a hosting
> company. They give me a servlet directory that I can put my servlets in.
> They don't have any JAXP parsers or anything installed and available, and
> they're not about to install anything special for 1 person.
> How can I use components like crimson.jar if I cannot add them to the
> CLASSPATH or put them in jre/lib/ext?
> I tried putting crimson.jar in the servlets directory, that didn't work.
> I tried unpacking crimson.jar and putting the class files in the appropriate
> subdirectory in the servlets directory. e.g. I put SAXParserFactory.class in
> servlets/javax/xml/parsers/. That didn't work.
> To test to see if the classes are being picked up I just tried to create a
> SAXParserFactory object. e.g.
> I get the "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration..."
> error.
> Has anyone done this? It seems like I should be able to uses these classes
> even if I cannot change the CLASSPATH or put them in jre/lib/ext.