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Re: java and the Microsoft VM

You also might read up at www.java.sun.com on the 
java 'plug-in' and the 'htmlconverter' (if you don't 
already know about this). I read in a book a while back 
that they recommend you try to satisfy only the majority 
of browser users and not try to make your project 
compatible with all old versions. Someone determined 
between all the browser types (IE, netscape, etc, etc)
and their version numbers out there, there are 51 
combinations! You cant satisfy them all. I think 
Internet Explorer has about 70% of the market. Might I 
suggest you only support back to version 4.x and use a 
plug in? By the way, didn't I hear something about 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 shipping with java 
disabled? If so, you will have to tell the user to 
enable java in thier enviornment settings if its off.