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RE: Java certification: is it worthwhile?

I used to be skeptical about, maybe even opposed to, licensing software
developers.  However, after Reading Steve McConnel's book "After the
Gold Rush, Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering" (ISBN:
0735608776) I think that it is inevitable that licensing and
certification will become mandatory for some types of software
development jobs, and that will be OK.  I think the book offers
interesting insights to anybody pursuing a software development career.

-Andy Dean

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>>>>> "John" == John Camerin <jcamerin@getthere.com> writes:
> I disagree... in this world of lousy, buggy code, its nice to know not
> only that people can write the code, but that they understand some of
> fundamentals of writing good code.

Alas, that's not what passing those certifications actually show.  This
precisely analogous to the insanity around things like the various
"standardized" testing for school kids.  Horrible.

Even when I've been hiring interns and people just out of school, the
that showed through is the attitude of people who are passionate about
they are doing.  Those sorts of engaged people do things (like doing
projects, however small, to help them learn and grow) and can talk about

Take care,