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RE: Java certification: is it worthwhile?

We provide Java consulting services and most customers want to see a
resume on the consultant I offer.  Our experience is that a lot of
people have sun cert on the resume.  when it comes down to it,
experience in years weighs heavier than certs.  Having said that, we
deal with WebSphere clients mostly and we push our guys to get certified
in Java, WebSphere and VisualAge.  That usually helps us get a better
hourly rate from the customer than just experience.  

It can't hurt and if you are up against another candidate without a
certification it just might be what gets you that job.

Good Luck,

Tony McCune
CrossLogic Inc.
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Subject: Java certification: is it worthwhile?

As we're all aware, the job market is rather tight at the moment. I've
been considering taking the Java certification tests both to fill some
downtime and to assist in getting my resume past the filters.

I've been working with Java for a few years and looked at a sample
test, and I think I could pass the programmer level with minimal
Is it worth my time and $150 to take this exam? Any input or advice is