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Native language input / display for awt


I am building a applet, for a application in Arabic language. So I want
to use awt to avoid the down load of plugin for swing.
But Arabic input is not supported by sun in awt. 

Here is some extract from a chat session with technical sun team.
          "We support Arabic with the Java 2 platform starting with
release 1.2. If your applet is running on a browser that does not have a
Java TM 2 Virtual Machine1 (JVM) then you will not be able to do Arabic.
A second point is that we support Arabic using the Swing GUI toolkit. We
do not support it in the AWT toolkit. So you will be experiencing
problems if you are trying to use AWT. If you are having problems with a
Swing applet under Java 2, let me know and we can try to look at your
problem some more. "

[For more detail about issue:
321.html ]

On the other hand, I have seen many applet in awt that use arabic input.
For eg.  a solution by www.digichat.com

Can any body suggest me what to do for take input / displaying arabic. 

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