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ejb ... yes or no?

    The first phase of your development is comming to an end and we are
now contemplating what is the best direction to move in.  I'm a lesser
player in the decision making process but I'd like to be able to answer
certian questions if asked.  I don't want to get into to many details of
our requirements but the app handles billing, customer management and
reporting.  We've been gaining almost 100 customers a day since we went
live about 12 days ago.  The main reason that I'm interested in it's
future direction is because the mantenance and evolution of this app may
fall exclusively into my lap in the next few weeks.
    I've heard a few stories from developers that have gotten into ejb
only to run into some gotcha's.  What are they?  
    Why wouldn't we want to use ejb?

    One requirment is scheduling certian taskes and since threads are out
of the question in ejb, rolling our own sounds diffacult unless it's an
external app.  A little resarch has turned up a product called Flux.  Has
any one used it and have an opinion? My employer doesn't seem enterested
in purchasing items like that so is there an open source project that
acomplishes the same thing? How about other scheduling components like
JBoss's TimerBean?

    I haven't been able to find anything on the net concerning ftp and
ejb.  One of our payment processing services uses ftp for information
transfer.  Does this fall under io and therfor not permitted in an ejb? 
 How do you deal with other payment services that use raw sockets? 

much thanks,
    Michael Fortin