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Java and Charity

N E E D   V O L U N T E E R S !

The Real Life Club is looking for volunteers to help with the computer training of the disadvantaged teenagers in the poor communities of Marietta.

Though America is the country of opportunities, there are a lot of communities, which might as well be in the third world countries. Communities, where drugs and crime is rampant, schools cannot provide proper education and a teenager stands little chance of becoming anything else than a drug seller. Most of us donít have the first hand experience with such communities, same as those teenagers donít have the first hand experience with the opportunities taken for granted by most of us. It is up to us to change that.

The Real Life Club currently needs volunteers for its Java Programming training program. This program has two courses with different goals:

Each class has a lead instructor and one or two assistants. Teachers rotate, which means you may assist in one lesson, lead next and be off for the third lesson. Lead teachers are responsible for preparing the lesson plans, which might be used by the next group or groups in other locations. Advanced classes last 3 Ė 3.5 hours (with two breaks). Basic classes last about 2-2.5 hours with one break. Currently, Advanced classes take place on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings, and Basic classes Ė on Saturday afternoons.

We need volunteers for both courses. To participate you have to be familiar with Java, willing to participate on a consistent basis (even if once every two or three weeks) and pass the background check.

For questions or to enroll please contact as using the information below. Please pass this message to anyone who in your opinion may be interested. We count on your help!

Contact information:

The Real Life Club, Inc.
415 Sable Court
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004
Tel: (678)393-2946 or (404)849-8806, ask Misha Shengaout
Fax: (678)393-2947
Email: postmaster@reallifeclub.org
Web: http://www.reallifeclub.org