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Re: [OT]Re: help with my String


Are you trying to display a thumb nail to a screen through an applet or are you
trying to generate a resized gif or jpeg file on the disk?

A simple approach is to just set the size you want in the "drawImage" method of
the Graphics object.  You can get more sophisticated and use the
"getScaleInstance()" of the AffineTransform class inconjunction with Java2D.
The August 21 edition of the JDC tip which is available on the Sun site gave
some instructions for writing dynamic images to files.


"Dean H. Saxe" wrote:

> At 10:26 AM 10/5/01 -0400, you wrote:
> >I have had similar experiences on other Java User Groups.  Just because I
> >asked about something as simple as a JarInputStream, I was talked down to.
> >I received replies ranging from, "How can you not understand them?" to "Why
> >did you post this and make us waste our time reading it?"
> >
> >Most of the time there are some genuinely helpful people out there who don't
> >mind to explain something basic.
> >
> >I agree with Ms. Jeness, if you feel a question is beneath you---ignore it.
> >Sorry for the rant.  I just wanted to share my experience.
> Jason,
> I totally agree with you.  As is the case on every mailing list there will
> always be a variety of experience levels from novice to expert.  I have
> been extremely active in the Atlanta ColdFusion User Group lists for the
> past few years, its been very helpful to increase my own knowledge as well
> as for helping other resolve there problems.  Its my sincere hope that this
> list will serve the same purpose for all its members, regardless of their
> levels of experience.
> On that note, does anyone here have experience with the javax.imageio
> classes for image manipulation?  Specifically I am looking for information
> relating to resizing GIF/JPEG images to automagically make thumbnails for
> the web.
> -dhs