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RE: help with my String

At 11:16 AM 10/5/01 -0400, you wrote:
>One of the main things to do first though is to look through the Java Api
>to see if you can find any classes or methods that could be of assistance.
>The mailing list should not be the first place you look to try to get help.
>For the last couple of questions that have been asked, if the person would
>have done a simple 2 minute scan of the String and StringBuffer classes and
>thier associated methods, the answers could have been found.  If you can't
>find the answer after that, then send an email explaining your problem.
>But we need to first do a little research ourselves to solve the problem
>and not depend on everyone else.  That's what makes a good developer, or
>employee for that matter.


I agree 100%, however, if you don't know what you are looking for its 
helpful to get a push in the right direction.  Your attitude seems to be 
that everyone should know how to find the answer, or get close to the 
answer, without any help from outsiders.  If you are new to a language that 
is simply impossible.  I hope you, and everyone else, will remember what it 
was like when you first started programming... In a language like Java it 
can be daunting with all of the classes and methods which are documented at 

Cut new developers some slack, offer a little bit of help and one day we 
can hope they will do the same for the next round of new developers that 
pops up on the list.