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jobsite posting

As a recruiter that regularly places JAVA people, I definitely believe that
a fee affects the number of  opportunities posted.

We subscribe to several job websites at a cost of around $800 each per
month.  We have to draw the line somewhere.  How many sites are we going to
pay for?  Where are we going to get the most "bang for our buck"?    In the
slow market, we post to our first tier sites (ex. Job store, monster,
headhunter, etc.) and post to other free sites as we find them.

The market seems to be rebounding a little for senior level people.  Our
recent JAVA
placements have been for very high level architects with many years of
experience.  It seems very difficult for the 1-3 year person to find work in
any skill (not just JAVA) these days.   Companies have gotten very specific
in their requirements, slow to interview and extend offers, and have reduced
salaries around 10-20% depending upon the position.

Brian Whitfield
Essential Resources
Phone: 770-271-3755