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Re: AJUG Jobs in ghost town usa?

I just had a fantastic idea:
How about we have another mailing list dedicated just
for people that want to bitch about the job market,
not having a job, and generally anything else that has
nothing to do with programming in java or object
oriented techniques associated with java.  
How about we call it: ajug-bitchymembers@www.ajug.org
- how does that sound?

--- tersel@surfree.com wrote:
> I did myself a favor and took a look at the other
> job posting sites.  I searched on all Atlanta area
> jobs for the keywords Java and J2EE then counted the
> postings that were over 3 months old. Here are the
> results;
> WEBsite.........Java....J2EE...3 Months Old
> Computerjobs.....240.....80.....0
> Monster..........113.....22.....0
> Hotjobs...........68......9....13
> Ajug...............5......2.....4
> The reason I liked the AJUG job postings is that it
> showed initiative.  Meaning to post companies had to
> seek out the local Java user group which, in my
> opinion, shows more effort than most companies.   
> You mentioned “why would they not pay $500 to post
> on AJUG?” umm... try number of hits per day?  This
> whole idea of paying wouldn't happen to be your idea
> would it?
> On Thu, 09 August 2001, Benjamin Sabrin wrote:
> > 
> > Do yourself a favor and look on Hotjobs,
> Computerjobs, Monster, etc. and see how many Java
> jobs there are in Atlanta right now.  The answer to
> that question is not many.  If a company is willing
> to pay to post on those sites, why would they not
> pay $500 to post on AJUG?   However, the truth of
> the matter is that there are not many companies
> hiring Java
> > programmers in Atlanta right now.  Ask some of the
> people that have been out there interviewing, how
> many offers are you getting?  I am guessing maybe
> one or two.  Where last year you could get 5 in a
> three day period.  That should change in the fourth
> quarter or beginning of next year, but will never
> get to where is used to be.  Personally, I do not
> > think charging or not charging has much to do with
> the amount of jobs being posted.  If you remember
> the jobs posted in the past, most were from
> recruiters not the companies doing the hiring. 
> Also, most were with dot coms, which are now out of
> business.  One last point is this, most companies
> hiring right now are looking for something very
> specific.
> > With that being said, they do not want to be
> overwhelmed with resumes of people not qualified for
> the position.
> > 
> > Ben Sabrin
> > Vice President of AJUG
> > 
> > tersel@surfree.com wrote:
> > 
> > > What happened to the ‘AJUG Jobs’?  In the past I
> would scan the postings to keep a pulse on the Atl.
> job market.  Ever since someone had the bright idea
> to charge for the service it has become less of a
> service and more of a ghost town.  I imagine
> practically nobody even bothers looking at the 4 job
> postings with the majority being over 3 months old.
> > > Why not remove the posting fee since it’s
> obviously not a revenue generator and bring the jobs
> posting back to the AJUG members?  I would be
> willing to bet that in today’s economical times
> there are a number of AJUG members who could really
> use some job leads.

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