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Re: [JS] Velocity Templates vs. JSP


Your clarification is exactly correct.    Our next project involves the production of an on-line marketing notebook.  It will be viewed over an
intranet and will be used by the "seller" to assist in the selling process.  The seller does, however, show the contents of the notebook to the
potential purchaser.  The marketing people want the notebook to look very polished and professional and they would like to control the update
of the content.  We do not want them to do the Java logic.   We just want to empower them to handle the presentation side to the extent


"Noel J. Bergman" wrote:

> Cynthia: From my perspective, it is important to separate the HTML from the
> Java logic because I would like to delegate the HTML production to good web
> designers who may in fact be "marketing people" with little technical skill.
> I am a little concerned that this is a practical goal with JSP.
> Dion: My major concern with this line of thinking is that is presumes that
> "marketing people" with little technical skill are going to start writing
> Java logic...?
> Dion, I think you mis-read her comment.  She does not want the marketing
> people to code Java.  She wants to avoid that, and is expressing concern as
> to whether or not JSP technology allows that degree of separation with
> non-programming HTML designers.
> The answer, of course, is yes.
>         --- Noel
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