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RE: HashMap Troubles

I tried following and both the string and reference to string prints the values correctly. Hope this is of some help:
import java.util.*
public class HashMapExample
 public static void main(String [] args)
  HashMap hm = new HashMap();

  //String values
  String name = new String("name");
  String my_name = new String("myName");
  hm.put("name", "myName");

 // String reference for the key
  String home = new String("1000 North Spring, Atlanta GA");
  hm.put("address", home);

  // String reference for key and value
  String ph = new String("phone");
  String num = new String("180077777777");
  hm.put(ph, num);



"HashMapExample.java" 30 lines, 651 characters 
XXXX/java/collect>javac HashMapExample.java
XXX/java/collect>java HashMapExample      
1000 North Spring, Atlanta GA

"Deron Pardue" <dpardue@dspin.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to retrieve specific values from a HashMap.
>I can print the HashMap (using the toString() method) and see that I have key=value pairs, but when I try to retrieve a specific value using the get() method, I always get a null value returned.   Am I using get() correctly?
>from instance, if I use map.put("name","myName") and print (using toString()) I get "name=myName"
>When I try the following:
>    System.out.println(map.get("name"));
>I get null.
>Any clues?
>Deron Pardue
ChandraShekhar Pendyala

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