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Re: Java Swing Vs Visual Basic Application !!


This is a large corporation which already has a well-established deployment
mechanism.  The deployment of our application is just one small part of the
applications that they deploy based on a regular release schedule.  In fact our
application is launched by one of their legacy apps which is written in some
old 4GL.  So the deployment of our application has to occur at the same time as
the deployment of their legacy application.    Basically, the client deploys to
shared drives which are located in numerous centers across the country.  The
workstation runs the application from the shared drive.  We also have 2
AIX middle-tier production servers for RMI access to back-end repositories.

We have looked at Java Webstart as a way to deploy applications which are not
so strictly tied to legacy systems; however,  this does not work on all of the
platforms which are used by the client.

In the future, we are looking at using other technologies like servlets;
however, the cilent is used to certain features on the workstation which seem
difficult to reproduce using servlets alone.  For example, there is a lot of
context-sensitive editing and fancy printing to local printers.  We have
considered JavaScript for some of the client-side editing; however, JavaScript
seems somewhat inconsistent across different browsers and different platforms.
This may change in the future, but right now, Windows is still only a minor
deployment platform.    We will probably consider some combination of servlets
and applets (using the Java Plug-in).


"Crothers.Dean" wrote:

> Cynthia,
> out of interest how do you deploy and administer your client application to
> 70,000 client PCs? Do you use webstart, deploy director, networked
> drives...?
> thanks,
> Dean
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> To: Patel, Bhabesh
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> Subject: Re: Java Swing Vs Visual Basic Application !!
> Patel,
> We develop Swing based client applications for deployment across a range of
> clients. In August, our latest application will be installed on 70,000
> client
> computers.  Our "average" client computer has 64 Mb RAM with a 266 Mz CPU.
> I
> personally would recommend at least 128 Mb of RAM, but clients are not
> always
> willing to upgrade their hardware to suit your software of choice.  With
> JDK 1.3 or later, Swing has matured to the extent that I think it is very
> useable on the client-side both in terms of quality and speed.  I would not
> recommend any version earlier than JDK 1.3.
> I do not have any comparison with VisualBasic.
> Cynthia Jeness
> "Patel, Bhabesh" wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >       I am doing some research on developing and deploying a project (
> > Client/Server ) which has lot of  GUI ( Graphical User Interface )
> > screens.It has lot of business logic also which we are planning to
> implement
> > at the server side. The client/server will be using SOAP (Simple Object
> > Access Protocol )  for exchanging information.
> >
> >       So , the question is , Should we go with Visual Basic client or Java
> > Swing ( J2SE 1.3 ) based Client ?? The decision should me made considering
> > the following criteria ...
> >
> >         1) Fast GUI interaction ( i.e. , the screens should be navigated
> > quickly and no delays in the screens while entering data )
> >             2) The client machine are low end machines.So , the client
> > should use resources efficiently and should release resources from memory
> if
> > they are not used.
> >
> >       I will really appreciate if any body can give me pointers about
> > benchmarks related to VB app and Swing based apps.
> >       Also , it will be helpful if any one would like to share there
> > experience related to VB or Swing based apps.
> >
> >  Thanks
> >  Bhabesh Patel
> >