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simple question on jsp

Hey guys,
Have a simple question (your guess is right, I am in the learning process).

Following is a simple jsp where I have a 'text box', and 'two submit
buttons'. I would like one button to process one jsp (student3a.jsp) and
other to process other jsp (student3badd.jsp). Both these JSP's take the
input from the text box and match the value in the text box for the query
string and return some values from the database. For better understanding I
have enclosed all the three jsp files ( I also have a bean which
communicates with the db, but have not included here, as it is a
straightforward code). Can someone, please let me know what the error is.
Thanks for your help.

If I use a html form with Action="jsp name" it is working fine, but then I
had to use two text boxes for two buttons, and I don't want to do it that
way (unless there is a different way in html). My goal is to have my first
page to display a text box and two buttons, one button give me student's gpa
and other student's course list using the concepts of jsp, javabean and jdbc
(yes, your guess is right, this is a school assignment).


 <<student3.jsp>>  <<student3a.jsp>>  <<student3badd.jsp>>