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Junior Positions

In reference to the thread about junior positions.  I wanted to take a
moment to talk about the state of the job market from a recruiters
perspective.  I am not a corporate recruiter, rather a true headhunter
and the Vice President of AJUG and the XML User Group.  The market is
definitely different than it was a year ago.  Truth be told a lot of
people got spoiled with the way the job market was a year or two years
ago.  The truth is, there is still a shortage of VERY GOOD Java
developers and architects.  People who have been working in an OO world
for at least 5 years.  People with computer science degrees, or a degree
in EE.  A lot of the people who got some of the junior Java jobs in the
past two years did not fall into these categories.  What happened was
companies were hiring people to fill seats and they did not care about
quality.  Now, that is all they care about.  They also care about soft
skills.  As a search firm, we are still placing people every month, so
things can not be that bad because we are more expensive than most.

However, I do believe working through a recruiter is NOT for everyone.
Nor will I personally work with everyone looking for a job.  Currently,
good companies will only pay fees for a person who fills a specific
niche.  So I would recommend that if you have less than one year of Java
experience and not a ton of OO proceeding your Java experience to NOT
deal with a recruiter.  If they are telling you they can place you, they
are giving you a raw deal.  Why should companies pay fees for something
they do not have to.

Just as in every other business out there, there are good people and bad
people in the field.  I am sure everyone has dealt with a real estate
agent that was worthless and one that was worth their weight in gold.
OR dealt with a good lawyer and a bad lawyer.  Or worked with a great
software engineer and one that was not very good.   The same is true in

Remember, just because you can get a job does not mean a recruiter can
place you.  Most people are employable, but not everyone is placeable.

Ben Sabrin
org:Pencom Systems
title:Senior Account Manager
adr;quoted-printable:;;Two Ravinia Drive=0D=0ASuite 810;Atlanta;GA;30346;
fn:Ben  Sabrin