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RE: any junior positions?

I am the Corporate Recruiter for a company with 25 Java Software Engineers.
We focus on hiring top talent that will fit into our team environment and be
effective in an XP shop.  We do test people on their Java skills (an
internal test that one of our managers developed) but we also take into
consideration their skills sets prior to beginning Java.  Some of our top
Engineers came from C/C++ environments with some Java.  When we hire we
would rather hire smart people with a solid foundation than hire people that
can just code.  

I know there are many other companies out there with this same opinion - in
fact we loosened up some of our Java requirements based on advice from AJUG

We use outside agency recruiters when it is necessary but it has been an
employers market place for several months.  For the skill sets we are
looking for we don't need outside help right now BUT the market will change.
I hate to hear candidates shy away from good contingency recruiters -
believe me they don't want to screen people out - they would love to place
everyone - but they to are limited on the job orders they have to fill.
They are feeling the same effects of the market - their hiring authorities
have become more picky - they are having to find "needles in the haystack"
in order to earn their fees.   Some recruiters do have the inside track on
fantastic positions so you should stick with good recruiters - however, you
should not ever depend solely on a recruiter - a recruiter should supplement
the search you are doing on your own.  

This is a difficult market to find new positions period - there are
companies hiring but not at the pace of the last several years.  Your
frustration may be able to be blamed on transitioning to new technologies
and languages but it could also be that the entire IT market place has
tightened up.

Shanon O'Toole
Corporate Recruiter
MediaOcean, Inc.

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We are always looking for Java candidates with strong OO. We are an XP
shop and practice evolutionary design. if the developers don't have
strong OO design skills they're sunk. It doesn't matter how well they
know the Java language. You need to know enough to be a productive coder
from day one. If someone has been doing Java *every day* for even 3-6
months and is a *talented programmer* then they will do fine here BUT
they need to be referred. We are being extremely picky and the recruiter
will screen out based on years experience.

We have about 24 java people now. That number will probably double by
the end of the year the way things are going.

Obie Fernandez
Media Ocean

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You are kidding, aren't you???  The best thing that can happen is for
programmers to get scared and start learning VB and .net. Then when the
economy picks back up there will be fewer java programmers to compete
the jobs that come open.  If anyone wants to learn VB, let me know, I'll
more than happy to tutor anyone on my spare time.

On a more happier note, the company I work for has hired 9 java
in the last 2 weeks and we'll probably end up hiring 5-10 more in the
2 months.


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All this has made me look into learning VB.

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OK, this is starting to scare me a little...  Especially considering
after next week there are going to be four people left in our office
more than 70 less than a year ago).  Lay-offs truly suck.  While I am
the lucky four that we still be around, I must wonder when it will be my
turn to start job hunting.

My vital stats
1.5 yrs. server-side Java exp.
4 yrs. OO exp.
4.5 yrs. RDBMS design exp.

Just how bad is it out there, for those just starting out and for those
have been around for a while?   Anyone have a success story to share?

... Mike

Mike Bryant
Sr. Software Engineer

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I finally gave up and am doing something else for money and do Java as a