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Re: any junior positions?

>concepts and software doesn't change when you walk out of the doors of a
college and into a company. And someone who has been working in IT for years

Ah, but they do.  When I went to college, I learned how to write for DOS,
but a couple of years later, Windows was all the rage and DOS was dead.
Anybody going to college at that time would have learned Windows but know
nothing about the web.  Today there is a new level of web development
emerging as well as advancements in wireless and embedded technologies.  I
think we need to realize that things do change and we should be more willing
to take a chance on those programmers who are willing to stretch themselves
and learn new stuff.

I'm proud to have the level of experience that I have, but I also know that
other people with less experience may be just as well fit for a job if they
demonstrate potential.  In days like these where new technologies, new APIs,
and paradigm shifts occur more frequently, it seems like a man's (or
woman's) potential should be given more weight than it is currently given.