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any junior positions?

Hi everyone,

Sorry in adance if this is inapproprirate for this list.

I consider myself a senior developer able to take on just about
anything, and I am pretty capable with java... But most of the work
I've been doing for the past five years has been with Microsoft/ASP
tools or Unix.. I've got a lot of OO experience.. but in Python. I
REALLY want to make the switch to doing java professionally, but
recruiters keep blowing me off because I don't have two years
experience with java.

Is ANYONE out there looking to hire a really strong developer/analyst,
who's already picked up java over the past few months? I'm willing to
work cheap. I just want to work with Java!

resume: http://www.sabren.net/resume/printable/


- Michal
www.manifestation.com  www.sabren.net  www.linkwatcher.com  www.zike.net