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Meeting Location Survey and Mailing List Archives


Yesterday evening, I posted a meeting location survey on the AJUG web
site.  You can take the survey or view survey results by going to the


Some of you received a stack trace when you pressed the submit button.
Your vote was still tabulated and the problem has been corrected.  So it
is NOT necessary to vote again.  You can use the new "Survey Results"
hyperlink to just view the results without voting.


Also, both the ajug-announce and ajug-members mailing lists are now
being archived daily.  At 1:00 AM each morning, all messages for the
previous day are added to each archive.  To view the archives, press the
"Membership" button on our main page.  Go to the bottom of the
membership page and select the hyperlink for the archive that you want
to view.  You may browse the archive or search based on keywords.
Searching is accessed through the "search" hyperlink on the
index-by-month page.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Cynthia Jeness
AJUG Web Chair