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Re: nio

I'm not so much interested in reading and writing stuff that only works on
NTFS or reading and writing Word documents (although that would be useful).
I was just hoping I could build things with nio that would emulate that kind
of functionality in a platform-neutral kind of way.

JAR files would be a partial solution.  I could unpack and repack the files
upon application startup and shutdown (sort of like what Tomcat does with
WAR files).  But it would be nice if I could keep the files in the JAR and
write to them while they are in there and not have to zip and unzip.  I read
somewhere once that JDK 1.4 was going to be able to do this, but I don't see
it in the release notes, so it looks like it didn't make it into this

Maybe I should study MPEG as an example.  Where's a good place to read about


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I was curious about this question so I surfed around the net.  Here's
what I found.