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Java Jobs

The Atlanta Java Users Group has hundreds of subscribers to our lists who
are also active participants at our meetings.  We actually have over 1000
individuals that keep up with what is happening at AJUG.  One of the most
popular discussion topics over the last several months has been software
development jobs in the Atlanta market and I'm happy to report that we
continue to see positive improvements in the Java job market.  Corporate
America has started to invest in IT again and Java continues to be one of
the primary technologies for enterprise-class systems.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Jobs section
of www.ajug.org.  Several people have contacted me (recruiters and hiring
managers) recently looking for talent.  Our best way to broadcast these
opportunities is via our website.  To view available jobs: 

Recruiters and hiring managers, please register as a Job Poster:
However, you are always welcome to continue to contact me as I like to know
what skills are in high demand because those are the skills we try to put on
stage at AJUG events.

This service was provided by a volunteer and our website continues to be
managed by volunteers (many thanks to Justin Meads and Cindy Jeness for
their efforts!)
And we would love to have a volunteer who might work on this piece of
technology. I would guess that you would need at least 20 hours of available
time to figure out our environment and make improvements to the software
(assuming you know servlet programming very well). At the moment our ability
to support the technology is very limited.