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Tonight 12/16 J2EE RAD

10 Million Java developers. How do you get there? Tools!
Topic:  Overview of J2EE Rapid Application Development 

Time: 6:30 for networking and open discussions, topic 
planning for 2004
Presentation begins at 7:00 pm and will likely run until 9 
Where: Holiday Inn Select off Chamblee Dunwoody and I285
Phone: (770) 457-6363

Developing your first and often your subsequent J2EE-based 
applications can be frustrating and time-consuming as you 
overcome the multiple complex learning curves of 
web-based, object-oriented, patterns-based programming, 
plus the complexities of Java APIs such as JDBC, EJB, JSP, 
JavaServer Faces and important frameworks such as Struts. 
Several vendors have recently rose to meet this challenge 
by developing new IDEs that are not software engineer 
focused but targeted at the enterprise corporate business 
application developers. These new IDEs focus on the 
programmers who have been using Visual Basic, PowerBuilder 
and Delphi for building database-driven client-server and 
web applications. Sun Microsystems will show off their new 
drag-n-drop visual tools for building JavaServer Faces 
applications called Java Studio Creator (aka Project 
Rave). We also have BEA to demonstrate their Workshop 
product that makes Struts-based application development 
incredibly easy. Finally, a local company called ClearNova 
will show us a platform that makes overall J2EE-based 
portal application development a few points and clicks!

Our Sponsors in 2003:
- BEA (www.bea.com) - The Leading provider of J2EE 
application infrastructure technology.
- BravePoint (www.bravepoint.com) - Local provider of J2EE 
training and consulting services. 
- Compuware (www.compuware.com/products/optimalJ) - 
Accelerate J2EE development with patterns-based and 
model-driven architecture using OptimalJ
- Inflow (www.inflow.com) - Our host for www.ajug.org
- Spectrum Software (www.spectrumscm.com) - Products for 
software configuration management.  Version, build, 
release and issue management.

In January 2004, we will have Gavin King from Hibernate 
sponsored by JBoss Group!  January 21st - the world's most 
popular persistence architecture joins the world's most 
popular open source application server.  

Finally, we know that December is a heavy shopping month 
so do your part for the US economy.  Shop 'til you drop! 
Hopefully a few of you can take a break from the local 
malls to come out and see some very interesting J2EE 
development tools on 12/16.

AJUG President