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J2EE Guru - Atlanta Java Users Group

J2EE Guru Night at the Atlanta Java Users Group

Date: May 20, 2003

Time: 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Place: Holiday Inn Select - 4386 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA  30341

(770) 457-6363

Exit 30 - one exit east of Ashford-Dunwoody.  This new location allows us to
handle over 200 members so please feel free to invite friends, neighbors
from cubicle lane, and the boss who really needs to learn something.


This special presentation will attempt to cover all the major elements of
what it takes to be the "Guru", architect and senior developer for any J2EE
project.  These are the best practices, lessons learned and strategies for
professional software developers who utilize J2EE to build large-scale
business applications.

Topics include: Components of J2EE software architecture (POJO, EJB, Struts,
Web Services), the architect's toolbox (Ant, JUnit, Log4J, XDoclet), open
source (Jakarta, SourceForge) and design patterns (MVC, Factory, Singleton).
These are the elements required for a truly "rock star" resume.

The format for this event will include a moderator/presenter plus a panel of
local experts that will be available to answer questions related to best
practices.  Our panel includes: Joey Gibson, Jason Chambers, James Holmes
and our moderator will be Burr Sutter.

Due to the nature of the topic and the goal of allowing audience
participation this meeting will start at 6:30 PM and run until about 9:30

Expert Panel:

Jason Chambers:
Advisory Developer - Delta Technology responsible for Delta.com and
Flysong.com. Open Source Developer: CacheCow, Edgar, Commando, WebDoctor

AJUG Presenter on JUnit

Joey Gibson

Author of Ant Developer's Handbook from SAMS and is a Senior Consultant for
BravePoint in Atlanta.  Published author in the Java Developers Journal.
AJUG Presenter on Ant

James Holmes

Struts project committer, Creator of Struts Console, Oracle Magazine Java
Developer of the Year (2002)

Future AJUG Presenter on AOP

Future Events:

Esoteric Night in June.  The objective of this event is to cover
Java-related topics that would otherwise be overlooked. We will use a
similar meeting format of having a moderator/presenter and an expert panel.
Instead of our traditional single-topic format, we will sample four
lesser-known Java technologies.  Each technology will enjoy 30 minutes of
overview, code samples, insight on how it can help your projects, and
discussion.  In June, we will be covering the following technologies: J2ME,
JMX, Jini, and alternative web frameworks (Tapestry and WebWork).  Join us
next month for an evening of four exciting new (at least to you) Java

If you have experience with any of these technologies and would like help in
the preparation and/or delivery of the brief presentation, please contact
Robert Gash (gashalot@gashalot.com).

AOP - Aspect Oriented Programming in July.  James Holmes will be back to
provide us an overview of AOP.  More details will be forthcoming.

As always we like to thank our sponsors that provide for our meeting room,
A/V equipment and website hosting: BravePoint (www.bravepoint.com) and
Inflow (www.inflow.com)

See you there,


AJUG President