Lambda Expressions and the Stream API in Java 8

Lambda Expressions and the Stream API in Java 8

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lambda expressions have finally come to Java, allowing behavior to be assigned to variables and passed into methods as well as data. We’ll have a look at the syntax for lambda expressions, see how they can replace anonymous inner classes, and experiment with the various functional interfaces provided in the standard library.
Using lambda expressions, the new Stream API for Collections allows developers to break out of the traditional, imperative, ‘for/while’ style of collection manipulation in favor of a syntax that is far more expressive and intentional. We’ll take a quick look at how we can replace basic looping constructs with streams before moving on to producing more complex data manipulations using dynamic strategies. Finally, we’ll see how we can reduce execution times by taking advantage of the native concurrency features of the stream API.

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Noah Kriegel works at ThoughtWorks, and serves as the Market Technical Principal for the SouthEast. He has been an IT consultant in various industries for the last 16 years and a software developer for the last 20.
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