Server to Cloud – convert a legacy platform to a micro-PaaS using Docker

Server to Cloud – convert a legacy platform to a micro-PaaS using Docker

Tuesday, April 15 2014

The talk will begin with how to setup a local Docker development environment (Windows or Mac OSX) as Docker runs atop Linux. The basics of Docker will be examined including how to use image repositories, and a brief description of available UI’s for managing Docker containers (Shipyard and DockerUI).

Next, example applications will be built for progressively more robust use cases and deployments; to demonstrate the power, flexibility and scalability of Containerization with Docker. The first example will discuss a simple two container model to encapsulate a database and application layer, which will lead to demonstration and discussion about more robust deployments that include features such as service discovery, automatic load balancing, and abstractions to simplify linking of containers. The context of the talk with be how Containerization enables architectural choice, scalability, and polyglot environments.

Docker and supporting technologies will be discussed to expose the multitude of supporting technologies within the ecosystem such as Flynn, Serf (makes or Vagrant), CoreOS, Deus, HAProxy and more.

Technologies that may be employed within containers during the demonstration include, Java, Scala, Akka, Docker, vert.x or node.js, memcached, mysql, mongo.”

About the Speaker

Todd Fritz – Software Architect – inBloom Inc. Todd is an enterprise software architect with Atlanta based inBloom Inc., A nonprofit technology that builds disruptive software for K-12.

Todd has 18 years of technology experience. He provides technical leadership for software development teams to both design and implement innovative, enterprise-class, high volume applications (SaaS/PaaS); which begins by understanding a customer’s business and organizational objectives. Todd is a rigorous problem solver with a diverse skill set that spans from backend systems to client-side technologies, with special emphasis on middleware solutions. For the past several years he has worked exclusively with agile methodologies and tools (Scrum, Atlassian/Jira; and prior to that RUP and other iterative development models) and focused on solutions design for business critical, distributed, highly concurrent, high volume messaging platforms, which utilize technologies such as: EDA, CEP, SOA, EIP, EAI, distributed caching and Big Data. Such versatility and experience enables him to perform and understand many different job functions, while contributing to future state vision, technology, architecture, development plans and team management.

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Data Microservices with Spring Cloud Stream, Task, and Data Flow

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Microservice based architectures are not just for distributed web applications! They are also a powerful approach for creating distributed stream and batch processing.

Spring Cloud Data Flow enables you to create and orchestrate standalone executable applications that communicate over messaging middleware such as Kafka and RabbitMQ that when run together, form a distributed stream processing application. It also allows users to create and orchestrate short lived microservices like batch jobs or boot applications that perform a task and then terminate when complete.

This allows you to scale, version and operationalize stream processing and task applications following microservice based patterns and practices on a variety of runtime platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Apache YARN and others.


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