Achieving Concurren­cy On A Massive Scale

Achieving Concurren­cy On A Massive Scale

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where do you turn when the performance requirements of your application exceed what your 8­CPU Opteron server or homegrown Linux cluster can provide? What if the communication bandwidth of your cloud service is insufficient for your interprocessor communication needs? Your neighborhood BitCoin miner may already have the solution! The parallel processing technologies once reserved for government research labs are now within the reach of small companies. This seminar with review the history of multiprocessing and parallel processing and describe how modern computer hardware, languages, and frameworks can be utilized to achieve concurrency on a massive scale.

About the Speakers

Phil Harbison is the CTO of Xavax, Inc. where he develops enterprise web applications. A graduate of UAH (BSEE, 1981) he has worked as a computer and software engineer for 33 years. His interests are Lotussports cars, piano, photography, and supercomputing.
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Current Trends in the Java Job Market in 2017

March 21, 2017

Ari Waller, Chief Recruiting Officer at Thompson Technologies will give an overview of the current Java job market trends in 2017. He examines the current and future states of the Java development languages’ supply and demands in the marketplace, as well as conducts a career-oriented Q&A (resumes, interviews, and overall job hunting tips and strategies). This will include: IT Career Trends, Java Career Opportunities and Trends, Atlanta Job Market specific to Java, Future Java Job consideration, Salary Survey Data specific to Java and Java related careers , Preparing for Success , Q & A


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