Java for Web Applications

Java for Web Applications

December 17, 2013

The year 2013 has brought a host of innovation to the Java platforms, Standard and Enterprise Editions. Lambda expressions are finally here, in both Java SE 8 and Java EE 7 (Expression Language 3.0, even if you aren’t using Java 8). The superiority of Joda Time, improved, has made its way into the platform. The power of WebSockets is finally at your fingertips when writing Java applications. How does all of this come together to help you create better software? Nick will go over three key examples from his book—a better date formatting JSP tag, WebSockets for game play, and clustering with RabbitMQ—to demonstrate that creating powerful, scalable, and flexible software is easier than ever before.

About the Speakers

Nick Williams is a senior software engineer for UL Workplace Health and Safety in Franklin, Tennessee and the author of Professional Java for Web Applications: Featuring WebSockets, Spring Framework, JPA Hibernate, and Spring Security (Wrox, 2014, A graduate from Belmont University, he has been active in commercial and open source software projects for over eight years. He is the founder of, a site for free DNS and IP troubleshooting tools, and NWTS Java Code, an open source community that specializes in obscure Java libraries that meet niche needs. He is a committer for Apache Logging (including Log4j) and on the project management committee for Jackson Data Processor JSR 310 Data Types. He has also contributed new features to Apache Tomcat 8.0, Spring Framework 4.0, Spring Security 3.2, Spring Data Commons 1.6, Spring Data JPA 1.4, and JBoss Logging 3.2, and serves as a contributor on several other projects, including OpenJDK. Nick currently lives in Tennessee with his wife, Allison. You can find him on Twitter @Java_Nick.
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