Testing Java EE 6 Applications with Arquillian

Testing Java EE 6 Applications with Arquillian

September 18, 2012

This session outlines the tools and techniques for effectively testing Java EE APIs like JSF 2, Servlet 3, CDI, EJB 3.1, JPA 2, JAX-WS and JAX-RS using the highly innovative Arquillian project. Java EE 6 includes a number of new features that enhance testability like generic dependency injection, CDI @Alternative, portable extensions, embedded containers and JSF project stages.

Using these features and tools like JUnit, JSFUnit, HttpUnit, DbUnit, Arquillian and HSQLDB it is possible to perform unit, integration, system and functional testing for Java EE 6 APIs at all layers of the application. In addition to discussing tools and features, the session will also demonstrate testing techniques like designing for testability, mock objects, isolation, test configuration and test data.

About the Speaker

Reza Rahman

Reza Rahman is a consultant specializing in Java EE with clients across the greater
Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas.

Reza is the author of “EJB 3 in Action” from Manning Publishing. He was an
independent member of the Java EE 6 and EJB 3.1 expert groups. He is currently
part of the Java EE 7, EJB 3.2 and JMS 2 expert groups. He is a frequent speaker at
seminars, conferences and Java user groups including JavaOne as well as an avid
contributor to TSS. He contributes to the open source Resin Java EE application server.

Reza has been working with Java EE since its inception in the mid-nineties. He has
developed enterprise systems in the financial, healthcare, telecommunications and
publishing industries. Reza has been fortunate to have worked with EJB 2, Spring, EJB
3 and Seam.

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