Whats New in Grails 2.0 — SIG

Case Study and Perspective on Grails 2.0.x

August 28, 2012

This is a Special Interest Group meeting

Let’s take a look at what has changed in Grails 2.0, where it seems to be going, and why your organization might choose it over other options in our area like JRuby, Play Framework, or Roo. I want to highlight the “rapid” development capabilities of the framework, the ecosystem, and the flexibility. This will be a partly coding examples and partly using slides to summarize.

About the Speaker

Travis Bailey

CTO for Proving Ground, a mobile strategy and development company. Recent experience has allowed me to dive more deeply into GoG and RoR as well as the Play Framework, however the breadth of my career has been with Spring based web application development with a smattering of various other technologies. My passions forward are in the mobile space and identifying the best technologies to power our mobile applications of the future. Follow me @shadowspires, +Travis Bailey, http://linkedin.com/in/travisbailey

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AJUG Meetup

Building and Deploying 12 Factor Apps in Scala and Java

June 20, 2017

The twelve-factor app is a modern methodology for building software-as-a-service apps:

• Use declarative formats for setup automation, to minimise time and cost for new developers joining the project.

• Have a clean contract with the underlying operating system, offering maximum portability between execution environments.

• Are suitable for deployment on modern cloud platforms, obviating the need for servers and systems administration.

• Minimise divergence between development and production, enabling continuous deployment for maximum agility.

• And can scale up without significant changes to tooling, architecture, or development practices.

We will build a RESTful web service in Java and deploy the app to CloudFoundry. We will go over how to build a cloud manifest, how to keep our database credentials and application configuration outside of our code by using user-provided services and go over what it takes to build a 12 Factor application in the cloud. This presentation will be heavy on code and light on slides!


Roam Dunwoody

1155 Mount Vernon Highway NE
Atlanta, GA 30338 (map)

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