Introduction to Kanban for Software Development

Introduction to Kanban for Software Development

July 17, 2012

Learn what Kanban is, what it isn’t, and how to apply it to an IT or software development project. Kanban focuses on the flow of work through a system. It’s a useful tool to visualize the work and the problems that impact flow. It supports evolutionary process improvement and helps control the amount of work in process. Being less prescriptive than many SW Dev methods, it can be used more naturally, that is without shocking the system as it is being adopted. This will be an informal and interactive session with lots of time for Q&A. Time permitting, we’ll touch on pull systems, metrics, value stream mapping, the Theory of Constraints and the Scientific Method.

About the Speaker

Andrew Fuqua

Andrew Fuqua is an independent lean/agile/scrum coach who blogs at His passion is helping teams have a better environment in which to be productive, creative and happy. Andrew has developed software professionally since the mid 1980s for companies such as IBM and Internet Security Systems. He also has 10 years of experience managing and consulting in the software space. He has been using agile methods since 1999 including many years pair-programming in a test-driven environment. He has a BS and an MS in computer science, and also a MBA from Duke University.

The meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Our Location:

Holiday Inn Select Atlanta Perimeter Dunwoody
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Atlanta, GA 30341
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